ISOTOPE - Deep End

I was very impressed with the last Isotope album that I bought, and so made a mental note to myself to search out some more of their work. This is their third album, and Hugh Hopper has now been replaced on bass duties by Dan K Brown, and Laurence Scott has relinquished the keyboards position to allow for the addition of Zoe Kronberger and Frank Roberts. As you might therefore expect, this album has a much heavier emphasis on the keyboards, giving it a definite jazz-funk feel. All the band members have a hand in the writing - even Hopper contributes one track - and the variety of styles is more noticeable than on 'Illusion'. On the whole I don't think that I can compare this album to the previous one as it is basically a completely new band, new writers, and new musical style, but taken on its own merit it is certainly an excellent album, with Boyle's guitar and Morris' drumming standing out, and the funky keyboards taking them onto a new level. Although my copy is the vinyl version this is available on CD with the addition of bonus tracks, and is recommended for fans of jazz-rock fusion.