IOTA - Iota

Iota are a US psyche band whose sole album came out in 1972, although they did issue a couple of singles in '69 and '71, both of which appear on this album. A Memphis band, they specialised in a doomy brand of heavy psyche rock, of which 'Within These Precincts' is a perfect example of their style with its spooky spoken word passages. They can also do the up-tempo stuff as on the excellent 'Glympses' which has some fine guitar-work, and the storming 'Love Comes Wicked'. 'Sing For You' has the pulsating organ sound that lets the guitar produce a lyrical solo while 'I'm Gonna Be A Man' and 'Our Love So Warm' show a lighter side to the band with an almost singalong feel to them. Out on CD and sure to appeal to hard rock fans.