INFINITY - Collected Works 1969-70

Like the Blue Bus album, this was sold to me on the promise of having a psychedelic/progressive sound with driving Hammond and a unique vocal harmony style. We shall see. The band were formed from the ashes of two legendary UK psyche bands The Flies and Cymbaline. They formed in 1969 and went for a more progressive sound than they had peddled before, but for the opening track 'Venetian Glass' it seems like they were still doing the psyche/pop stuff, good though it is. 'Space Shanty' is better, with the Hammond underpinning some nice guitar-work on a Procol Harum sounding rocker. 'Same Girl' is a nice ballad with a heavy guitar solo, and these three songs are probably the best on the album. Next up is a cover of George Harrison's 'Taxman' followed by '(I'm In Love With) A Girl Like You' which is 60's soul and 'I've Got You Under My Skin' which is so authentically done that you would swear it was a 60's harmony pop band like The Assocaition. My main problem with this album is that a lot of the remainder of the tracks are alternate versions of what we have just heard, resulting in just six songs on this fourteen tracker being original group compositions of which only three are up to the high standards that I was expecting. Something of a disappointment therefore, and although I will probably keep it for the good tracks it would be impossible to recommend as a worthwhile purchase.