HUMAN BEINZ - Evolutions

The Human Beinz started out in their hometown if Youngstown, Ohio as a British influenced covers band playing tunes from The Who and The Yardbirds. Over the years they developed into a fine psychedelic pop group and this, their third album, is their highpoint. It is a mixture of pop, psyche, and general weirdness, but does contain the band's masterpiece in the seven minute guitar freakout of 'April 15th'. 'My Animal' is a fuzz-tinged pop tune, and that guitar makes a welcome re-appearance on the rockier 'Every Time Woman'. 'If You Don't Mind Mrs. Applebee' is their tribute to the Hermans Hermits version of British pop, but luckily the fuzz guitar is back in force for 'I've Got To Keep On Pushing'. They do a nice take on ballads as well, with 'Close Your Eyes' and 'Cement' being a couple of good examples. The country and western-ish 'Two Of A Kind' goes somewhat to prepare you for what follows, as it ends with the sound of the band smashing a piano to pieces! The closing track is the aforementioned 'April 15th', which features every psyche trick in the book - backwards guitars, phasing, acid solos, and all overlaid with a killer fuzzed-up riff. One of the more interesting US psyche/pop groups, and available on CD for you to sample.