CHARLIES - Buttocks

Charlies hail from Finland, and recorded two albums in 1969 and 1970. Their first comprised six blues-rock tracks which were intended to be used as the soundtrack to a film, which although completed never received a public showing. For their second album the blues influence was much more toned down, and the result is a hard rock album which could easily stand alongside any of their mentors like Cream, Hendrix, Zeppelin or Taste. Wah wah guitar and honking saxes all add to the heavy progressive feel of the record, with the outstanding 'Like The Purpose Told Me' having both of these in abundance. 'Smoggy Story' is a more bluesy track, but still with a biting guitar solo. 'Living For Myself' has some great hard rock riffing, and they also show that they can handle a ballad with the lovely 'For You Catherine And Before You', although even on that they can't resist rocking out towards the end. With English lyrics and an Anglicised feel to the music this is an album that could be enjoyed by anyone into heavy rock irrespective of where the album emantated from. It was released on CD back in 1993, but copies are now very hard to find, and so I reckon that it is ripe for a reappraisal.