This is Swedish rockers November's second album, released in 1971. While their first was a great heavy blues-rock affair, heavily influenced by power trios like Cream and Taste, this one has a wider range. They could still churn out the heavy rock, but they could also turn their hand to the more bluesy 'En Llang Dag Är Över' or the gentle 'Sista Resan'. 'Men Mitt Hjärta Ska Vara Gjort Av Sten' is a great heavy rock track, and who cares that you don't understand a word they are singing. 'Mina Fötspar Fylla Av Vatten' has a touch of boogie about it, which gives the guitarist a launching point for a great solo, and 'Pa Väg' is the heaviest track on here, bringing to mind early Black Sabbath in the riffing. They save one of the best tracks until last, with the driving 'En Ny Tid Är Här' (coincindentally the title of their debut album) containing some stunning guitar work, and ending with impressive tolling bells. Hard to compare this album with its predecessor, as the band had progressed by the time they recorded it, and they went even further on the next one '6:e', which is supposed to be the best of the lot. Certainly one of the best heavy rock groups to come from Scandivavia, and one that could put many British bands to shame. Strangely enough original copies do not go for that much - this one will only fetch £30 if you are lucky - but all three are now available on CD and they are all highly recommended to the hard rock fan.