ERKIN KORAY - Electronik Türküler

This album was a nice surprise, as I had not asked for it, but had often wondered what this prolific Turkish singer sounded like. This 1974 album is just one of at least six that I know he has recorded, and it makes him one of the best known singers in Turkey. The music is actually quite progressive, and as you would expect has a distinct Arabic flavour courtesy of liberal use of sitar. 'Karli Daglar' is the perfect example of a blend of Eastern instruments and Western guitar, and Koray's vocals suit the music very well. 'Hele Yar' is a sitar led track with a chanting chorus, and is one of the most ethnic tracks on here. 'Korkulu Ruya' on the other hand is based much more in Western music, and comes across as a sixties style rocker, although it does include some excellent guitar work. The guitar on the lengthy 'Cemalim' is definitely influenced by West Coast bands like Quicksilver Messenger Service, while 'Türkü' closes the album with some authentic Arabic instrumentation. At the moment this is the only album available on CD, but it is one to snap up as it shows what can be achieved when two radically differing musical styles are successfuully welded together.