Despite their rather strange name Kin Ping Meh were a German band who peddled a fairly Anglicised type of rock music. Their first album came out in 1971, and this one followed the next year. It is heavy progressive rock, mostly written by the band, but including a heavy and extended take on The Beatles 'Come Together'. This actually works rather well, and is one of the highlights of the album. The rest of the songs are sung in English, and with its country sounding guitar 'Come Down To The Riverside' could almost be mistaken as coming from the West Coast. 'Don't Force Your Horse' is much heavier, and heralds what is to come from the band for the rest of the album. 'Daydreams' starts off with an extended atmospheric intro, and is a nice respite in the midst of the hard rock. 'Very Long Ago' is a much more upfront country number than '...Riverside', and very catchy to boot, and the album ends with the good-time boogie of 'I Wonna Be Lazy'. This one is out on CD, with a bonus track in 'Sunday Morning Eve', and is a very accessible album for a German band named in Chinese!