JADE - Fly On Strangewings

This male/female folk trio was basically the brainchild of songwriter Marion Segal, who had been performing on the folk circuit since 1966. By 1969 she had teamed up with Dave Waite and they were mixing contemporary songs with original material. With the addition of Ron Edwards Jade was born, and this album was recorded and released in 1970. Consisting entirely of Segal's compositions, this is an excellent folk/pop album which has gained a reputation (and a price tag of up to 30) over the years as a lost classic. It has now been re-issued so that we can see what all the fuss was about, and it does entirely live up to its reputation. The songs alternate between the gentle folkiness of the title track, and the slightly more folk-rock 'Bad Magic' and 'Away From The Family'. 'Mayfly' is a jaunty little number refllecting on the fragility of life, and the harmonies on 'Alan's Song' belie the fact that it was written about the death of a close friend. The vinyl version comes with a free 7" featuring their covers of 'Carolina On My Mind' and 'Big Yellow Taxi', both of which are fine takes on the songs, and this album is an excellent example of British folk/pop at its best.