FLEA ON THE HONEY - Flea On The Honey

Flea On The Honey were an Italian band who recorded three very different albums under three different names, and this is the first of them, released in 1971. For this one they sang in English and even adopted English names (Dusty, Tony, etc). Their musical direction was also very Anglo-influenced, with classic bands like Spooky Tooth and Traffic breaking through on some tracks. 'Mother Mary' is that rare thing, a religious rock song that is actually worth hearing, although they could have done without the drum solo. The rest of the album varies between the gentle folk of 'Louise (My Little Ship)' and the out and out heavy rock of 'Moon Park Woman', which also includes a nifty little jazz guiatr solo. 'A Woman Of Distinction' sounds like it is going to expand into a Latin groove towards the end, but it quickly fades away, while 'Face To The Sun' and 'Happy Killer' are blues-based rockers. Some people tend not to rate this album very highly, but I think that it is well worth getting, and I am tempted to try their later incarnaions - the progressive rock of Flea and the jazz-rock fusion of Etna. Although this was re-issued on CD in 1991 it is currently out of print, but it would be worth keeping an eye out for another re-issue as it is certainly ripe for it.