EMBRYO - Embryo's Rache

For Embryo's second album Kelly had quit the band, and so it was recorded as a quartet with no guitar. New member Hansi Fischer's flute was one of the dominant instruments on this album, and with the emphasis less on vocals and more on instrumental duels it comes over as much more of what I expected from the band. Opener 'Tausendfüssler' is a perfect example of this new path, and although 'Time' - You Can't Wait - Eva's Nuvola' has vocals it still continues the jazz-rock direction. 'Revenge' is another fine instrumental, and while 'Spain Yes, Franco Finished' has the most conventional jazz-rock backing the solos are some of the most experimental. Because the band were popular in the UK original copies of their albums are quite cheap, and almost all of their output has recently been issued on CD, most of them with bonus tracks, so that would be the format to go for. 'Opal' comes with early live outings by the band, while this one has some later live excursions. Both of the albums are excellent examples of German progressive rock, and I will certainly be trying the next three in their run of classic early recordings.