DUST - Hard Attack

This little-known US band released their album in 1972, and it is so obscure that it is not mentioned at all in FAAF. This is somewhat strange as it is an excellent hard rock album, and features some great songs and superb playing. 'Pull Away - So Many Times' opens the album with a good example of this - good hard rock with a great guitar solo. 'Walk In The Soft Rain' is quieter, but still a fine song, while 'Thusly Spoken' is a particularly effective string-laden ballad. But hard rock is what they are best at, and so 'Learning To Die' is another belter, as is the storming instrumental 'Ivory'. The bluesy 'How Many Horses' is a nice change of pace, but they return to the hard rock for the final track in 'Suicide' - not just an 'I want to die' lyric, but also discussing the various ways to do it!! A shame that you cannot get this on CD at the moment as it is a great example of early 70's heavy rock and deserves to be heard by a wider audience, but original copies can be picked up for around 15, and it will be 15 well spent if you find one.