The Vejtables were a five-piece from San Francisco who purveyed a typically West Coast summery pop sound. They were one of the very few bands to employ a female drummer, and they released a number of singles in 1965 and 1966, but never actually released an album during their lifetime. This CD is a collection of just about everything that they recorded, including their debut single - the Byrds-ish 'I Still Love You', and their follow-up which was a version of Tom Paxton's folk-rock classic 'The Last Thing On My Mind'. Their last single (credited as a solo offering from drummer Jan Errico) also makes an appearance, and the album is completed with alternate takes and demos. Some of these show the direction that the band could have taken had they lasted a bit longer, with the doomy psyche-rock of 'Shadows' being particularly effective, and 'Better Rearrange' and 'Good Times' having some fine acid guitar work. 'I Stole The Goodyear Blimp' sounds nowhere near as bad as you might fear, and 'Good Things Are Happening' ends the album on a high. For the most part the singles are sung by Errico and the later material by one of the male vocalists, so the album does seem to be split down the middle into a 'pop' half and a 'rock' half, but it is none the less enjoyable for that and it gives us a chance to hear a very good, if somewhat unjustly neglected, West Coast band.