TYMEPIECE - Sweet Release

Tymepiece hail from Australia, and this 1971 album is their only release. It is a fine combination of garage punk, progressive rock, and pop, with touches of folk and country thrown in for good measure. At times this can be quite disconcerting, as when you go from the raucous rock of 'I Love You' to the country/pop of the title track, but on the whole this is much better than I had hoped it would be from the reviews that I had read of it. 'Nuts' is a bit too commercial for my tastes, but the lengthy 'Shake Off' is more like it, with lashings of progressive organ mixed into a blues-based track. The rest of the album is a pleasant mix of folk and country influenced songs like 'Home Song', and with the re-issue comes a couple of bonus tracks in the shape of the gentle 'Birds In The Nest' and the more upbeat 'I Gotta Know What You're Like'. There are few enough Australian progressive bands around, and so the CD re-issue of this album is well worth seeking out as an example of one of the best of them.