Tobruk were an American five-piece who recorded in Brazil, and released this album in 1972. Obviously their country of domicile did not influence their music, as the album consists of fairly mainstream US 70's rock. 'I'm In Love With You' is a fairly low-key opener, with a laidback vocal style giving it a West Coast Feel. 'Theme From My Mind' employs a different singer, with a somewhat unusual vocal sound, but it does have some more inventive guitar-work than previously, and a weird spoken outro. The almost side-long 'Ad Lib' itself has a scat-sung central piece, spoken word soliloquy, chanted vocal backing, and an extended coda, which might sound like a bit of a mish-mash but actually works quite well. 'Send It For Tomorrow' goes back to the mainstream rock approach to finish off the album, although once again the vocals let it down slightly. Although this album has been re-issued in the past (and once you see the sleeve it is not easy to forget) it seems to be out of print at the moment, but should you see one turn up then it is an interesting album, and worth a hearing if just for that unusual title track.