SANULLIM - Volume 1

Strangely enough, after opening the column with my very first Korean album, I now have a second one, although in this case I can tell you absolutely nothing about it. As the band are from Korea all the tracks are written and sung in their native language. What I do know is that they are one of the best, and most prolific, bands from the country, with over a dozen albums released since the 70's. This one is the first (obviously), and despite being quite dated for a 1977 release it still contains some excellent 60's style garage punk. Fuzz guitar and farfisa organ abound on all the songs, and if you can get past the fact that you cannot understand the vocals then this is actually quite a good effort. The first track is the equal of many US bands of the mid 60's that I have heard, and it is a shame that I cannot tell you track titles or more about the band, but all the writing is in Korean. Following tracks slow the pace down a bit, but still contain some striking guitar work, and some of the ballads are most effective. For anyone who wants a change from the US versions of these types of band then Sanullim are a welcome diversion.