ORION'S BEETHOVEN - Tercer Milenio

After another four year break the band produced 'Tercer Milenio' - a more rock orientated album. Opener 'Amistades Desparejas' is a great hard rock track with some stunning guitar, and the band sound like a completely different entity on this song. 'Ella y Los Colores' is a slower, but no less powerful song, but it seems that when they try to emulate their first album - as on the title track 'Nino Del Tercer Milenio' - with a more progressive offering it comes off less well in the context of the album. The heavy guitars are still there, and the guitar solo is pretty good, but the tune seems to have evaporated. 'Cancion Del Lobo' is a lengthy blues-based track, which gives guitarist Adrian Bar scope for one of his best solos. Album closer 'Hermano Silencio' is a hard rocker which is the equal of the first track, and so they bookend this release with some tasty heavy rock. Of the two I think that this album is my favourite, although you don't have to make that choice as they are both now available on one CD. Personally I was only after 'Superangel' as an example of Argentine prog-rock, but I am now glad that the second album was included as it was an unexpected bonus.