NEBULOSA - Nebulosa

Swedish band Nebulosa produced one of the country's rarest albums with this 1977 release. Only 1000 copies were ever made - each one with a hand-painted sleeve by a reknowned Swedish artist. Normally in cases like this you can approach the music with some trepidation, but I am happy to report that in this case it more than lives up to its reputation. Much of the album is instrumental, with swathes of guitar and keyboards interlocking for some fine interplay. This is most evident on the opening track 'Dagen Gryr' and is carried on into the next four songs which are segued to form one long piece. 'Det Vackra Folket' is a quieter piano led song to start with, but soon features some excellent guitar-work, as does side closer 'Undergång', which shows guitarist Tommy Franzen at his most lyrical. 'Nödrop' has some funky organ touches, and the guitar has a go on 'Mittpelarna', while 'Apokalyps' ends the album in a melange of guitar, gongs and explosions. The lyrics are obviously in Swedish, but in this instance it does not really matter as it is the music which stands out on this album, but you will have to be quick if you want to snap up a copy of this limited edition re-issue as the 198 copies pressed are selling fast.