Something of a first for me is this 1973 folk/pop album from South Korea. Alerted to its existence by a glowing review in Record Collector, it has taken me six months to get around to risking it, but the risk has paid off with an enchanting album. The first track is a heavily orchestrated ballad, making for a lush 60's pop sound, while the second (no titles as they are all in Korean) is just singer and band, and is a faster folk/rock effort. The musicians sound as though they have picked up many Western influences, with the guitarist in particular sounding very West Coast, and it is not until track five that an Oriental influence creeps into the songs. Kim Jung Mi has an expressive voice, and the songs are just Westernised enough to make this a very pleasant listen despite not understanding the words. Fans of 70's folk/rock such as Trees and Mellow Candle should investigate, as if you are constantly searching for something a bit different - as I am these days - then an album like this is worth the investment.