Stone Premonitions Volume 1 (Stone Premonitions)

For this experiment by the fellows at Stone Premonitions members of Krom Lek and Census Of Hallucinations have joined together to record an album live in the studio. Although 'songs' are credited to the band it is more of an improvised set, with all the numbers flowing into one long piece - very much a jam session in the style of early Grateful Dead. Vocals are kept to a minimum, with the driving force being to keep the groove going. African drums, bongoes and shakers are all used to good effect and give the music an earthy, ethnic feel, while still retaining the Northern humour for which the studio has a reputation. Judging from the vocal interjections between some of the tracks it sounds like the band had a ball making it, and 'Whiskey, Gin, Lager And Cider Heaven' may well be not only the title of one of tracks, but the order at the bar before the band commenced recording. The whole thing is a loose, flowing piece of music, which has to be judged as such and not on individual songs, and in doing so I would say that it easily stands up to similar pieces by bands like Ozric Tentacles. While lacking a bit in substance it is a pleasant enough way to while away a hour or so, but I think that I will stick with the actual bands on the label as I tend to prefer my music to be a bit more structured.