CAFEBAR 401 - Cafebar 401 (Wampus Multimedia)

This Dutch band are currently setting the Euro-rock scene ablaze with their contemporary sound which mixes hard rock and bittersweet melodies. 'Full-pro Disco!' is a cracking romp through post-grunge guitar rock, although it is misleading to expect the rest of the album to sound quite like that. 'Senses Working Overtime' (not the XTC song) does have some great heavy riffing at the end, and 'Something Worth Dying For' consists mainly of the title being repeated over a persistent guitar riff. They do ballads as well, with 'Lost Without You' and 'Many Left Here Long Before' being a welcome lull in the otherwise full on guitar assault. They seem to be right at home on their new US based label, as the nearest comparisons that I could make would be bands like Fountains Of Wayne or Foo Fighters, and on tracks like 'Bob Ross On Drugs' or '2 am' they could give many of those groups a run for their money. An impressive example of Dutch rock.