SASQUATCH! - Groove Came Down The Mountain (Private Pressing)

Jonnie Rice and Tim Mitchell make up Sasquatch!, and they produce quite a racket for such a small band. With the combo originally a three piece, the departure of bassist Scott meant that Rice had to lay down the bass parts as well as the guitar, but the results sound fine to me. The vocals could be a bit stronger, but as the music tends to be a funky psychedelic space boogie the lyrics would seem to be secondary to the groove. The vocals are treated for 'Ramblin' Gyro Blues' and sound better for it, but then this track is also one of the heaviest on the album. 'R.S.I.' lives up to its name by being a repetitive guitar lick played over a furious backing, while 'Low Down In B Minor' has some great heavy riffing from Rice overlaid with some fine wah wah guitar, and a solo which makes it the stand-out track on here. 'Driving The Jazzmen' ends the album with no sign of jazz, but plenty more guitar-laden heavy rock. Six tracks of groovy, funky guitar-driven rock from a British band who could be bigger given the right breaks.