LAYNE - Layne (Private Pressing)

With its girl's name and a sleeve photo featuring a Courtney Love-alike I was expecting some female singer/songwriter here - and I could not have been more wrong! Layne are a Newcastle three-piece grunge band who take Silverchair and Alice In Chains as influences, and then proceed to add a touch of Northern refinement to deliver an excellent five track sampler of their wares. 'Cut Loose' starts as they mean to go on with a catchy riff and the classic quiet/loud dynamic that you would expect. 'Teenage Lobotomy' and '671' quickly follow suit, but the six minutes plus of 'Just You' has a little bit more going on, making it one of the best tracks on here. It segues seamlessly into 'La Fin', which is a slow Eno-esque guitar instrumental, ending this demo with a demonstration that the band are not just anger-fuelled shouters. A very promising debut, and a name to watch out for. If you want to know more check out their charmingly named website