HENRY - a little fiat (Dumb Dufus Brain)

This Boston, Mass three piece have presented us with the follow-up to 2002's 'Cyanide' eight tracker of punky garage rock. For this one they have tried to keep the feel of 'Cyanide' while still progressing as a band, and the music seems to indicate that they have succeeded. What we have is a mixture of grunge, punk, shift between the grunge of 'Leann' and the almost acoustic 'Falling Fine' might at first be a bit disconcerting it does seem to work in the scheme of the album. Lyrically the band appear to wallow in the excesses of humanity, with songs touching on loneliness, paranoia, rejection, and addiction. This is all summed up in 'Fever Stay Low Fever Stay Late' which recounts the tale of songwriter Don Gould's stay in a mental institution recovering from a bad acid trip, and his abiding memory of being picked up from there by his sister in her little Fiat. A track like 'Wash', with its almost inaudible verse leading into a chorus of crashing guitars does bring to mind the Pixies at times, and other influences vary from Sonic Youth to Joni Mitchell. If that sounds too diverse a mixture then it could be the reason why I don't think this album is 100% successful - the number of styles on here is too varied, and sticking to one or another would have held it together more. Not a bad album, but lacking the cohesion to make it great.