ROOT DECO - We Come In Peace (Private Pressing)

Following on from their contribution to Stone Premonitions 'Moon Orion' project, we now have Root Deco's second full length album. Paul Johnson and Larry Vilcheck are joined by guests Bob Schlabach on bass and Heidi Gerber on vocals to give us eight tracks of US indie rock. 'We Come In Peace' sets the scene, being a catchy hard rock song, and the one thing that all these songs do have in common is that they each have an immediate hook that you can latch on to. Schlabach takes lead vocal on his own 'Never Coming Down', and Heidi contributes a fetching vocal performance to 'Postcard', but most of the rest is Johnson and Vilcheck rocking out on a collection of extremely enjoyable songs. 'Dress For Success' tears along at a cracking pace while 'Snow On The Roof' and the jaunty 'Postcard' slow things down a notch. 'Eyes In The Back Of My Head' is another of those instantly catchy songs which means that repeated plays reward the listener without getting boring. More info available from