VINEGAR - Vinegar

This German band made just the one album, in 1971, but it has since become regarded as one of the most important examples of German underground progressive rock. The twelve minute 'Missa Solis' starts off deceptively, with some delicate guitar figures and a smattering of violin, before the guitar returns with the organ in tow for some heavy soloing. 'Sawmill Part 1' starts off as a garage rocker in the T Rex vein before drifting into some Floyd-like space-rock, while 'Sawmill Part 2' carries this theme on with the addition of violin. For 'Der Kaiser Auf Der Erbse' the band contribute gutteral grunts to another spacey instrumental, while the closing 'Fleisch' harks back to the second half of 'Missa Solis' with some retrained soloing over 'Saucerful Of Secrets' style backing. Certainly a fine example of German space-rock, and I can't think of many offhand which are better, but on the whole I prefer the progressive jazz-rock at which many German bands seem to excel, and so while I will definitely be keeping this album I think that bands like Altona will get more playing time.