TAPIMAN - Tapiman

Spanish band Tapiman have produced an excellent heavy rock album which takes its place among the best from the country. Guitarist Max Sunyer was Spain's first 'guitar hero', and his versatile style gets a good airing on their 1971 album. From hard rock solos on 'Wrong World' through heavy riffing on 'Don't Ask Why' to the romanticism of 'Paris' the guitarwork on here is first rate. The songwriting would not sound out of place on an album by a UK band from the period, and with the vocals having only the slightest hint of an accent the music is easily accessible to a British audience. The afore-mentioned 'Don't Ask Why' contains one of Sunyer's best solos, showing that his reputation as the Spanish Hendrix was well deserved. 'Practice' has something of a jazz-rock feel to it, while still retaining its heavy roots, and the instrumental 'Moonbeam' once again combines the heavy riffs with some virtuoso soloing. The closing 'Driving Shadow' certainly has a driving beat to it, and ends the album with some great hard rock. Now out on CD with bonus tracks, and if there is one foreign album that should appeal from this column then it would be this one.