SAVOY BROWN - Blue Matter

For 1969's 'Blue Matter' the band managed to keep more or less the same line-up, although they did add brass for the first time on this album. 'Train To Nowhere' is one of their best examples of this, and is generally considered as their high point, although I prefer the straight blues of 'Tolling Bells'. 'She's Got A Ring In His Nose And A Ring On Her Hand' is a bit too frivolous for me, and 'Vicksburg Blues' is a straight re-write of 'That's Alright Mama', but 'Don't Turn Me From Your Door' redresses the balance somewhat. The horn section on 'Grits Ain't Groceries' gives it a Stax soul sound, and the album rounds off with 'May Be Wrong' and the live take on 'Louisiana Blues', both of which are British blues at their best - one slow and one fast - and just how I like them. On the whole 'Blue Matter' does not quite do it for me as much as 'Getting To The Point' does, and from 1970 onwards they incorporated a boogie element in their work to try and break the States, so it would seem best to stick to their first two albums if you like your blues unadulterated. Not actually available in this country on CD, although they must be in Germany as the tapes that Jurgen sent had bonus tracks on them, but I would imagine that they should appear before too long if you are tempted.