SAVOY BROWN - Getting To The Point

My friend Jurgen has been trying to get me more into the blues, and as a gentle easing in he sent me a couple of early albums by Savoy Brown. I already have their 1967 debut 'Shake Down', which was more in an R'n'B vein, but from 1968's 'Getting To The Point' they embraced the blues more fully. Apart from guitarist Kim Simmonds and Bob Hall on piano it was a completely new band who recorded this album, and the sound is certainly very different. Most of the album is in the classic blues format, with tracks like the superb 'Mr. Downchild' sounding completely authentic, and the title track adding some light relief with a bouncy instrumental. 'Big City Lights' slows down the pace again, and their version of 'You Need Love' sets the template for Zeppelin's rewrite the following year. This whole album is easily on a par with efforts from the early Fleetwood Mac and John Mayall, and is a welcome addition to the collection.