SASSAFRAS - Wheelin' And Dealin'

To prove that Feedback works as a pointer to new music I tried this album after reading about the band in Peter Andric's feature in #75. I saw it going cheap at a fair and thought it was worth the risk, and it turns out that it certainly was. Very much classic 70's rock, this 1975 release was the band's second album, and while it is seated very much in that period it still has some worthwhile moments. The title track and 'Peanut Man' have a certain Quo-lite boogie feel to them, but 'Highway Skies' and 'Hamburg Song' are more laid-back, and sound all the better for it. 'Box Car Hobo' is more bluesy, mostly due to the added horn section, and 'Destroyer' rounds off the album with a good-time rocker. Most of the songs are written by the band, apart from a creditable cover of Neil Young's 'Ohio', and for the most part the songs are very pleasant. As a B-list 70's act their albums are unlikely to appear on CD until all of the rarer ones have been re-issued, but original vinyl can still be picked up very cheaply, and if you see one then you could do worse than give it a try.