PESCADO RABIOSO - Desatormentándonos

Pescado Rabioso (rabid fish) are an Argentine heavy rock band, whose second album I reviewed some time ago. Working backwards I now have their debut, and if anything it is even better than its successor. 'Blues De Cris' is a powerful opener, with passionate vocals and fine guitar riffing. The extended 'El Jardinero' is a slower affair, with the guitar delivering some nice fills, and then letting rip on a searing solo. 'Algo Flota En La Laguna' brings back the heavy riffing for the highlight of side two, with 'Serpiente' finishing off the album with some extended keyboard soloing. Featuring some of Luis A Spinetta's best guitar-work, this album has long been regarded as one of the best to come from the country, and the CD reissue now makes it much easier to obtain - and you get a trio of bonus track thrown in for good measure. Well worth the risk if you want to sample some top rate South American psyche.