NEKTAR - Recycled

For 'Recycled' we jump forward two years to 1975, and it is back to the shorter song structures which made up their early albums. The other major difference was the presence of guest musician Larry Fast, who added synthesizers to the album. There is a loose concept to the album, which is based around the disposability of things that they had found on their U.S. tours, and the fact that Americans never seemed to recycle anything. The songs are a mixture of short, punchy rock songs ('Flight To Reality'), electronic instrumentals ('Cybernetic Consumption'), and ecologically concerned tracks like 'San Paulo Sunrise' - about the haze of smog that hangs over the Brazilian city. The band completed recordings in France, and Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick was drafted in to mix the album. The band were ultimately unhappy with his efforts and had it remixed and released, where it immediately went gold in Germany. The bonus tracks on this CD re-issue are the complete Emerick mix of the album, so you can judge for yourselves if the band were right. On the other hand original copies of all their albums can still be picked up for around a tenner should you prefer that, but either way Nektar are a band that any self-respecting music fan should have in their collection, and the first three albums are a must. The later ones, like 'Recycled', possibly need to be handled a bit more warily, but they are all worthy of a listen should you get the chance.