NEKTAR - Remember The Future

Nektar's entire past is currently being recycled (pun intended), and the opening batch includes their first three albums, and then their seventh - a rather odd strategy but that's record companies for you. I have already reviewed 'Journey To The Centre Of The Eye' and 'A Tab In The Ocean' in this column, so just to re-iterate - both albums are excellent examples of British progressive rock, even though the band enjoyed more success in Germany that at home. 'Journey…' is the most rock orientated of the two, while 'Tab…' started to show the progressive leanings that were to come to the fore on 'Remember The Future'. Often cited as the band's crowning glory, this album consists of two long song cycles, each lasting one side of the album. The music is classic progressive rock, with rhythms and tempos shifting between parts of the song, but the whole thing still hanging together extremely well. As bonus tracks we are treated to the nine minute German edit of the album, as well as two radio edits of parts of the album which were considered as singles.