LOCOMOTIVE - We Are Everything You See

Birmingham based band Locomotive were something of a supergroup in their time. They included in their ranks Chris Wood, subsequently a founder member of Traffic, and Norman Haines, later to make the classic heavy rock album 'Den Of Iniquity' with his own band. With Gus Dudgeon at the production desk this turns out to be a fine progressive rock album. So why have I not sampled it before? The reason is that their main claim to fame is their minor hit single 'Rudi's In Love' - a ska based song which unfortunately prevented a lot of people from taking the band seriously as a progressive outfit - me included. The album opens with a short overture, followed by one of their best ever songs in 'Mr. Armageddon'. So fond of this track was Haines that he later covered it on 'Den Of Iniquity', and both versions show what a great heavy track it is. Other tracks like 'You Must Be Joking' and 'A Day In Shining Armour' feature horns and organ fills, making them sound at times like a stripped down version of Colisseum. With the three part 'The Loves Of Augustus Abbey' tucked away on side two, and a cover of cult US band United States Of America's 'Coming Down/Love Song For The Dead Ché' they certainly aimed for the progressive market with this album, and although it never really sold at the time it now changes hands for more than £125 a time. This CD re-issue brings it more in line with the average pocket, and it also includes six bonus tracks - but not 'Rudi's In Love'! Could it be they are ashamed of their little commercial success? No. I think the reson could be that it would not fit in at all with the style of music on the rest of the album, which is what they want to be remembered for.