LADIES W.C. - Ladies W.C.

I had this album many years ago, but was never that impressed with it and so taped over it after a few listens. I was tempted again after reading in one of my encyclopedias that 'this stunning album was one of the rarest and most sought after in the world'. This got me to thinking what it was that I had missed, so I got it again and I will be the first to admit that my first impressions were way out. The band hail from Venezuala, although their leader/vocalist was an American - Stephen Scott - so the overall sound is very much US garage rock. Although it originally came out in 1970 the sound harks back to the mid to late 60's, with garage rhythms and wailing harmonica on most tracks. The album opens with the sound of a flushing toilet, but from thereon in it is top rate psyche all the way, with 'People' having some great fuzz guitar work. 'To Walk On Water' slows down the pace a little for a gentle ballad, but by 'And Everywhere I See The Shadow Of That Life' the band are back to rocking for all they are worth, with some great wah-wah and fuzz guitar work. There are a couple of more bluesy tracks on here in 'Heaven's Coming Up' and 'W.C. Blues', while the closing track 'I'm Gonna Be' ends with the band freaking out in true psychedelic style. I must admit that while I would never agree with the hype surrounding this album, I cannot really remember why I did not like it when I first heard it, as it a is perfectly enjoyable garage/psyche album. With its appearance on CD you can now judge for yourself, but if my experience is anything to go by then don't judge too quickly.