IF - If 2

If were one of the UK's best jazz-rock bands of the 70's, but they were criminally overlooked in their time and only now are they getting the recognition they deserve. Featuring the always reliable Dick Morrisey on sax and flute, and backed by a band of first rate musicians, they produced six albums over the five years between 1970 and 1975, of which is obviously the second. Unusually for a jazz-rock band they featured a vocalist on all the tracks, and the rock element showed through on a number of the songs in the form of some fine guitar solos by Terry Smith - try 'Sad Sunday' or 'I Couldn't Write And Tell You' for some great examples. 'Your City Is Falling' and the aforementioned 'Sad Sunday' are two of the best tracks on this album, although the whole thing is excellent from start to finish. The band always had a better reception in Europe for some reason, but with some of their other albums now slipping out on CD (while I believe that this one is available in Germany, I am not sure if you can get it in this country) they will hopefully get some of the praise that was denied them during their heyday.