CLAUDIO GABIS - Claudio Gabis y La Pesada

Claudio Gabis is an Argentine guitarist who played on the debut single from Los Abuelos De La Nada before joining the classic line-up of Manal. After a brief sojourn in Brazil he returned to Argentina to record his solo album, bringing to it a hard blues based sound helped admirably by guest musicians from La Pesada. Opening cut 'Fiebre De La Ruta' is a great hard rock track with some excellent guitar from Gabis - a feature of most of the songs on this album. 'Si Hubiero Sabido' is a straight blues, before the lengthy 'Mas Alla Del Viaje Del Tiempo' creeps up and seduces you with psychedelic guitar and sound effects. Lyrically he can be quite political, as on 'Blues Del Terror Azul' which deals with police oppression, but unless you can speak Spanish that part of the music does pass you by - although the music conveys much of what Gabis is singing about and that can be enjoyed by everybody. Jorge Pinchevsky's fiddle-work on 'El Viaye De Lord Dunsany' really adds to the atmosphere of the track, and while 'Boogie De Claudio' would normally be a touch too 'bar-room boogie' for my tastes, the band seem to be enjoying themselves and it shows in the music. Originals are now extremely hard to find and even the CD re-issue is now becoming elusive, which is a shame as this album is one of the better albums to come from the country and deserves to heard more widely.