EELA CRAIG - Eela Craig

This is only my second Austrian album, but it is so different to Paternoster that you would never think they emanated from the same country. Eela Craig have taken the German route with their music, and produced an album of progressive jazz-rock which would rival many of their mentors. Lengthy instrumental workouts featuring sax and guitar dominate the album, and where lyrics appear they are in English, making for a most enjoyable album. 'New Born Child' is a two part suite to open proceedings, with the second part introducing the jazz-rock element of their music. 'Self Made Trip' continues this mood, but in a more swinging style, and the flute solo really adds to the song, before the track starts playing backwards and segues into the flowing 'A New Way', in which the flute makes a re-appearance. Side Two is taken up with 'Indra Elegy' - a four part suite featuring some of the best rocking jazz on the album, and also some of the most experimental. On both CD and vinyl re-issues you are treated to a couple of bonus tracks, with 'Yggdrasil' being an short instrumental pretty much in keeping with the rest of the album, but 'Irminsul' not quite making it, being a bit too abstract for my tastes. Overall, though, an excellent album and well worth investigation if you are into German progressive jazz-rock.