Yet another US West Coast band with a previously undiscovered album, now being hailed as a lost classic. Unlike the Brain Police (see below) The Beginning were a competent acid rock band, and although there are a couple of excellent tracks on this CD it is not really the gem that I was expecting. 'Soul Revolution' and 'The Ju Ju Man' are fine heavy rock of the 1969 variety, very much in the style of Blue Cheer and featuring some great riffing by the band. 'Blue Honey' is an extended track, clocking in at nearly nine minutes, but it does give the band a chance to lock in a groove and produce some fine soloing. Once they get the taste for it they do it again on the twelve minute 'Baby's Takin' Me For A Ride (And The Sun Ain't Never Gonna Set)', although by the end of this one they seem to be running out of steam. By 'The Golden Whisper', which closes the album, the band are purveying a sort of ambient space rock, consisting as it does of gentle chords and crashing cymbals, but no real substance. Definitely an album of two halves, with the early tracks outstanding but the later ones losing the plot a little. Worth hearing, but not an undiscovered classic.