BACK DOOR - Back Door

Back Door were a jazz-rock trio from Yorkshire who issued their debut album themselves on their own Blakey label (named after the town they came from) in 1972. When the music press discovered the band there was a bidding war which led to the album being re-issued by Warners. Obviously this makes original copies highly sought-after, although you will really have to be a jazz-rock fan to appreciate the music. Saxophonist Ron Aspery and bassist Colin Hodgkinson penned all of the tracks, and while subsequent albums never really reached the heights of this one, they were good enough to propel Hodgkinson into the limelight which would eventually lead to gigs with Whitesnake and Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings. The music is classic jazz-rock fusion, with a little meandering on some tracks, but not enough to put you off the whole album. 'Slivadiv' is one of the most controlled pieces, with Aspery's sax work a highlight. 'Catcote Rag' is a showpiece for Hodgkinson's unique bass-playing, while the rest of the tracks vary between the almost free jazz of 'Waltz For A Wollum' and the lovely flute-led 'Plantaganet'. Re-issued on CD in 2000, but really for the true fan of the genre, who will find much to enjoy on here if British jazz-fusion is their thing.